How to be a female athlete and live life to the fullest

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Fitness is one of the biggest challenges women face in India, with only a third of them able to participate in sports.

With more than 40% of Indian women opting for a more sedentary lifestyle, it can be difficult to understand how a woman’s body can actually function at such a high level.

In fact, research has shown that women who are sedentary, on average, have a lower heart rate and body fat than those who exercise.

To make matters worse, sedentary women are also at a greater risk of having higher rates of osteoporosis and obesity.

The solution is to be as active as possible, as well as to be fit.

Here are some tips to help you be as physically fit as possible.


Do Yoga and Dance Classes to Build Strength, Strength and Flexibility In Yoga, you can use your body weight to activate and activate your muscles.

To get the most out of yoga, you need to be able to do stretches and lunges that can help strengthen the muscles.

You can also focus on stretching and strengthening your muscles, so that you are more mobile and agile.

You should also get some distance training to build your strength.

If you can’t do this, you will likely struggle with some basic movements and your ability to maintain your balance.

If that’s the case, take the following exercises to get your yoga and dance training under control.

1) Hip Stretch: Place a towel on your hips and hold it up straight while slowly moving your hips.

Perform the stretch for about 20 seconds.

Then stretch the opposite side for a further 10 seconds.

Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

2) Shoulder Extension: Lie on your back with your arms crossed and your palms facing up.

Bend your knees slightly to the left and right, then push your palms up to the ceiling.

Hold this position for 30 seconds, then repeat.

3) Back Extension: Place your hands on your knees and bring your right arm over your left shoulder and rotate your right knee towards your chest.

Extend your right elbow until your elbow touches the ground.

Repeat this for 20 seconds, repeating on the other side of your body.

4) Shoulders Push: Place both hands on the ground and push your right shoulder forwards to your chest, rotating your left elbow towards your right hip.

Repeat on the opposite knee.

5) Shouldercart: Place one hand on the floor and lift your left arm over the right hand with your other hand, bringing it down to the floor.

Place the left hand on top of your right hand and rotate it back to the top.


The exercises mentioned above are just some basic stretches and exercises to improve your strength and flexibility.

But you can add other exercises and strengthen your muscles to help get you to a higher level of fitness.

These exercises will also help you improve your posture and improve your breathing.

Do these exercises every day and your body will improve and you will be in great shape to do yoga, yoga classes and all the other things you need.

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