When does a female reproductive organ become ‘unattainable’ ?

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The latest cryptocurrency news to hit the market is the announcement that female reproductive organs become unattainable once they become too expensive for a male to purchase.

The article was written by a Chinese academic who was studying how to make the most of the Chinese female reproductive system, as she explained on her blog:  “If you are a woman, you are the most valuable commodity in the world.

And if you have an ovary, you can make money.”

The article describes how the Chinese male has been forced to use female reproductive parts as a form of currency, since it was too expensive to obtain.

“It is now a matter of a matter between one’s ability to afford them or not, so how can a male become a wealthy merchant?” the article reads.

The article is the first time we’ve seen the word “unattractable” used in the context of female reproductive systems, and in particular, their ability to produce children.

“Unattractability” refers to the fact that a woman’s reproductive organs can’t be reproduced, even if they are made to be.

In some cases, they are actually unable to produce even if fertilised eggs are injected into them.

However, the article does not mention that the Chinese government has a whole history of banning female reproductive tissue. 

In 2016, the government banned female reproductive tissues and accessories from being sold in China. 

The law also required that all female reproductive products be labelled “obsolete” in order to be banned, as well as stating that “unreproductive” and “immoral” products would not be allowed. 

It also stated that if a woman tried to buy a product from a foreign company, it would be confiscated and the owner would be sentenced to jail. 

In 2017, China banned all female products from foreign countries, and it’s now the third country to do so. 

Chinese authorities have also been cracking down on “female products” for the past two years, with a crackdown on the production of female breast implants, which are used to create more children.

In 2018, the Chinese National Health Service announced it was closing all of its female-owned and operated clinics in order “to limit the spread of disease”.

The new ban has also caused problems for the sale of “female reproductive parts” in China, with female reproductive services being banned altogether from July 2018.

In 2017, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFC) also announced that female-controlled abortion services would be prohibited.

The ban was also lifted in 2018, but the ban remains in place for women seeking abortions in the state of Hainan.

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