The Lad is a good woman

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The Lad, as she’s known by her people, is the most powerful female animal in the Lad tribe, according to anthropologist John K. Johnson, who spent a year living in the tribe.

The Lad was able to communicate, and she also had a strong sense of honor and honorifics, Johnson said.

“She could take care of her tribe, and if she needed to go to the water, she could.”

She had the ability to protect her cubs and her tribe’s food, she was well educated and had an extensive knowledge of the land.

Johnson has been studying the Lad for more than 20 years, and he said that he’d been watching the tribe for a long time.

“This is a very interesting woman, one of the most interesting people I’ve ever seen,” Johnson said, “because she’s so much of a warrior and warrior spirit, and it was always about keeping her tribe strong and healthy.”

Johnson said he was able in one of his visits to the Lad Tribe to meet the woman herself, the youngest of five children and the youngest in the family.

“It was very interesting to meet her and to know what she was going through,” Johnson told ABC News.

“Her story, and her story was very similar to mine in terms of her mother, her mother’s death, and what’s going on with her mother and the tribe.”

When she was younger, the Lad girl was forced to do chores for her mother.

“There was no cooking, there was no sewing, there were no other jobs,” Johnson explained.

“They didn’t have enough food, and the food was too raw for them.

They were starving.

So, that’s the situation for my family and the Lad people.

It was very sad, and I know that they were trying to get help.”

But that’s not all the Lad woman did for her tribe.

“The Lad woman had the courage to speak up and fight,” Johnson recalled.

“And she did that with honor and dignity, and then her story is told.”

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