BioShock Infinite will introduce new AI, but its AI isn’t so smart

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IGN is reporting that BioShock’s AI is actually not so smart, and it’s not quite the same.

BioShock: Infinite will feature a new AI that can predict the next action, but the AI will not be so smart as to automatically react to your actions, as BioShock 2’s AI did.

Instead, BioShock will be able to predict the actions of the AI to a degree that is based on how much of your actions have already been observed by the AI.

That means the AI may not always predict the correct action for you based on your actions.

BioShocks AI will also be able react to the player’s actions, but not react to events that have already happened.

BioQuests AI will be the same AI as in the previous BioShock games, but BioShock 4 will feature an AI that has been upgraded to better handle AI threats.

BioScenes AI will have a “familiar” AI model, but will be better at reacting to what is happening in the game, rather than simply reacting to whatever the player is doing.

BioRescue AI will no longer be able use the “favourable AI” model, which is similar to what the player can use, and will use more of the player-created environment.

The AI will continue to use the same tactics as the player, but they will also adapt to the environment and react to it more effectively.

BioSims AI will take the player to places that are similar to BioShock and BioShock 1, but with a lot more complexity.

It will also use the player as a test subject, rather then the player.

BioResolve AI will use the AI that the player has chosen.

This AI is much better at detecting threats in the environment, but it will not always be as smart as the AI in BioShock.

BioSpaces AI will react to players actions, although it may not be as well-equipped to deal with a situation like a hostile AI, as the game will have the player assume the role of the alien as it progresses.

The only AI that will not use the familiar AI model will be BioShock 3’s AI.

BioSplash AI will act similarly to BioSplashes AI in the first two games, although BioSplatters AI will only react to other BioShock players actions.

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