‘Dolphin’s best friend’: Scientists reveal how dolphins are able to tell whether they’re friends or foes by studying DNA

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The dolphins of the deep sea are among the most intelligent animals on Earth.

They have an intricate social structure that can be manipulated by those with the right mindset, according to researchers who are now using that knowledge to improve the health and welfare of dolphins.

The researchers, led by biologists at Duke University in North Carolina, are working on a method to use the genetic information of dolphins to predict whether they are good or bad mates for humans.

The team is developing a DNA analysis tool called an ‘Evaluate Friend’ that can predict the emotional state of a dolphin by tracking how much the dolphin has to respond to cues from the person they are interacting with.

They are also developing a tool that can use this information to predict the behavioral state of dolphins in order to better understand their interactions with humans.

Researchers believe that the dolphins of deep water are able in part because they have evolved a social structure in which each dolphin is able to manipulate their environment in a way that makes them more or less friendly to people.

This is why, for example, dolphins tend to make other dolphins happier, or if they are not around, they may not be as willing to interact with people.

Researchers used a number of approaches to understand how the dolphins in the study function.

First, they used genetic sequencing technology to identify the genes of the dolphins’ closest living relatives, and then they used artificial intelligence to predict how much each of the animals would respond to certain cues from humans, such as a smile or a body movement.

The researchers then used this prediction to create an algorithm that could predict the personality of a specific dolphin based on the cues that it was given.

Dolphins have a complicated social structure, which they can manipulate in a number

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