Why is it that HIV/AIDS isn’t just a virus?

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The first time I heard about it was from a friend who had just found out he was infected.

He told me about how he had a cousin who had the virus, and how it was like he could never tell the difference between normal and infected.

I thought he was exaggerating.

After my friend told me he was an infected man, I thought, Well, he probably just made a mistake.

In a way, it’s the opposite of what you think it is.

I still remember the first time someone told me that their cousin had HIV/AIDs, and that he had to stay home with his baby.

I was like, “I’ve got a cousin with HIV/ AIDS!”

The first person I ever told that was my friend.

It was like I had a superpower.

But as the virus spread, I saw that I was not alone.

And even though we’re now living in a world where HIV/ AIDs is the new virus, I’m still haunted by that moment when I realized, I know what that person was going through.

I’m haunted by the fact that the virus is the disease, but I can’t even explain what it is and how to deal with it.

I think the same thing happened with the first people I ever heard about HIV/ AD.

A friend told us that he was diagnosed with it after he had an abortion, and the only way he could stop the bleeding was to use a needle.

I remember thinking, That sounds really scary.

But after the abortion, I was completely cured.

I think that was a real turning point in my life.

I had never really talked about it before, and I felt really alone in the world.

But I realized that there were lots of other people like me who didn’t know.

It’s not that I didn’t talk about it, but it wasn’t until I started living in the community and learning about it that I realized how much other people cared.

A few years later, I had the good fortune of meeting a woman named Andrea who was diagnosed a year after me.

We were both working at a local nursing home, and she was working in the ER.

I started working at the nursing home as a nurse.

We had a lot of similar stories: A lot of times, I would see a patient that was having a fever and I would ask her to call me and I’d bring her home, but she’d have to stay in the ICU.

I would go to the nursing facility and see what I could do.

I went to her and she would have the same answer as me: She had the same problem as me.

And that’s when I knew that I had to be a part of this community.

My sister was diagnosed just as I was. I didn

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