When the best is in season: The best of the best in the new Victoria dining room

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Posted April 05, 2018 12:16:59Victoria’s newest dining room concept comes with a new look, but the same old familiar menu.

The dining room is the brainchild of James and Stephanie Minton, who opened the restaurant in April 2018 and have a new design and menu for the first time.

It’s a change from the typical Victorian decor, with the walls of the dining room lined with old furniture.

James Minton says the dining table is made of “old fashioned reclaimed wood” that has been reclaimed from Victorian mansions.

It features a large oak table with a glass top and an antique chair, a modern kitchen counter and an array of tableware.

“There is so much of that old wood, so much that has always been there and it’s a very special place,” James Minton said.

“It has such a special history and I think we wanted to have it here.”

Victoria’s new dining room comes with new lookThe dining area at the Victoria Hotel, which has a new concept, design and food, is decorated with vintage furniture from old mansions.(ABC News: James Menton)The dining rooms dining room design has been designed to match the Victorian decor.

“The Victorian kitchen has a lot of old-fashioned reclaimed wood and the dining tables are reclaimed from old-style mansions,” Minton explained.

“I think the design of the restaurant is just to say, ‘Look at all the history that’s been built over the years in this area.'”

Victoria’s dining room has a “new look” that incorporates a vintage-inspired design.

Victoria’s first restaurant, Victoria’s original, was the first Victorian restaurant in the United States, and the first restaurant in Australia.

The Minton family has been dining at Victoria’s first dining room for more than 40 years.(ABCNews: James F. Minton)Victoria’s Victorian dining room opened in April with the addition of a new dining menu that includes the original Victoria’s menu, which is a mix of the Minton classics, including the French and New French classics, and other regional favorites.

“We want to create a new Victorian dining experience,” said Stephanie Menton, a member of Victoria’s restaurant board and owner of Victoria-based restaurant Victoria’s Original.

“Our new dining experience is very much a celebration of Victoria and of the people that have come to our restaurant and that’s really what we want to do.”

Victoria will hold a special dinner for the Victoria-area residents who have a wedding or other special occasion coming up, such as a birthday or graduation.

It will be served on Sunday, April 12 at 4 p.m. at the hotel’s reception space.

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