India: Woman who had sex with tiger, killed by mob

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The Indian media is full of stories about women who had consensual sex with tigers, but the majority of them have been women, not men.

On January 26, a 23-year-old woman from the western city of Bhubaneswar had sex and was killed by an unidentified mob after the animal had been sexually assaulted.

A video clip from her mobile phone, which was later broadcast by a local news channel, has gone viral.

In it, the woman appears to be on the verge of orgasm as she enters into a passionate embrace with the tiger.

However, she is dragged by the neck, dragged along by its tail and shot dead by a mob of people.

This is not the first time a woman has been killed in the name of a tiger, but in a different way.

In 2009, a 22-year old student from Kolkata, Kishore Pandey, was raped and murdered by a group of people in a forest.

Her body was dumped in the forest by a passer-by.

The man who killed her later confessed to killing her because she was trying to take advantage of his position as a tiger handler.

The woman who was killed in December, 2012, by a man identified as Shashi Thakur, had consensual sexual relations with the animal.

His friends had allegedly beaten her and her friends.

Thakurs friends then killed her.

Thakur’s friends are currently serving jail terms of three years for her murder.

The same man was also sentenced to eight years for the killing of another woman, a 25-year age old physiotherapy student, on December 12, 2011.

She was lured into a forest by the man and attacked, while he was in a nearby nearby house.

After the attack, the victim’s friends took her to a nearby village, where they raped her.

Her friends then hanged her.

In October 2016, a 28-year aged woman from Thiruvananthapuram, Madurai, was killed when she was allegedly attacked by three men, who allegedly beat her, strangled her, raped her and threw her off a cliff.

The victim’s body was later found in a shallow grave in a small river.

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