Which frog do you want to breed?

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A new study suggests the frogs you buy at pet shops may not be the ones you’re after.

The findings suggest there are some frogs that can actually reproduce, and there are others that are more closely related to humans than we might think.

The researchers say the frogs’ DNA can help them tell their species apart, but their genetics are less clear on how to identify them.

It’s also possible the animals are related to each other, but not necessarily genetically related.

“This is a pretty important point in our understanding of what frog species are,” lead author Dr Robert Lippman, from the University of Sydney, told the ABC.

“There are more than 60 species of frogs, so the idea that there are more species than frogs is not supported by the data.”

He said there was also a “significant genetic difference between some of the frogs and humans” that may explain why humans don’t produce eggs from them.

The team compared DNA from two frogs in a lab with their closest relatives, the common frog, a frog that can reproduce only in the wild.

This meant the frogs had the same number of copies of their genetic code.

Dr Lippmann said the results suggested that some frogs have more genetic similarities with humans than other species.

“It’s not clear whether this is a consequence of the evolution of humans or something that has evolved in the frog, but it may be that the genetic differences between species have been more important than that in the frogs,” he said.

Dr Dermot Alder, a professor of molecular genetics at the University Of Melbourne, said the findings were interesting but not surprising.

“They’re a bit of a surprise,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I think it’s an area of research that we don’t see much interest in in frog biology, and this is one of the few studies that looks at the frogs.”

Dr Alder said the researchers had already identified some other frog species that might be related to us, but the results did not allow them to make any firm conclusions.

“We still don’t know whether they’re related genetically to humans or not,” he explained.

“But I think the fact that they’re not quite related at all is pretty interesting, because it tells us that some species of frog are much more closely genetically related to other species than we think.”

The study is published in the journal Molecular Ecology.

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