Mississippi has the highest percentage of abortions in the nation

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Mississippi has a lot of work to do to address a high percentage of its abortions, the state’s chief reproductive health officer said Monday.

The rate of abortions is among the highest in the country, but it is not the highest.

Mississippi has about 2.3 abortions per 1,000 women ages 15-44, according to the state Department of Health.

The state had nearly 9,000 abortions in 2010, the last year for which data was available, but only 3,539 were performed, according the state.

The high number of abortions and lack of data in the state means that a lot more women are still being denied reproductive services, said Sharon Fuchs, director of the Mississippi Reproductive Health Center, which runs the clinic.

There is not enough information to say that the rate of abortion is the highest it’s ever been, she said.

We have the highest rate of unintended pregnancies and the highest number of unplanned pregnancies.

We’ve had people that have been trying to get pregnant, and they have abortions but they’ve been turned down by doctors.

We’ve been seeing that we’ve had more cases of maternal mortality, and that’s the highest we’ve ever seen.

The abortion rate in Mississippi was 3.7 per 1.1 million women, or nearly three abortions per 100 women, according in 2010.

Fuchs said the state has to do a better job educating women about the risks of abortion.

We have to educate our public about the fact that abortion can lead to fetal harm, which is a serious thing,” she said, referring to the possibility of miscarriage.

We want to make sure that people understand that, even though there is an increased risk of maternal and fetal harm with an abortion, we also want to protect women.

Fuchs said Mississippi needs to take steps to address its high abortion rate, including creating a new state department for reproductive health services.

The state also needs to implement more comprehensive education programs to educate the public about pregnancy termination and contraception.

More:Mississippi is one of just five states in the United States with no federal laws regulating abortion, and lawmakers have not addressed the issue in the legislature.

The bill would require that abortion clinics be licensed, and would require abortions performed outside of Mississippi to be paid for out of the state general fund.

Friedman said the bill has bipartisan support in the Senate, and is expected to pass in the next few weeks.

The House has passed the bill.

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