Asexual Reproduction: Does It Count as a Disability?

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On the one hand, this article does not seem to support the idea that people with Asexuality have a disability.

On the other hand, there are two problems with the claim that Asexual people do not have a “disability”.

First, it does not support the claim made in the article that Avestanism has no reference to sexual desire.

The term “Avestan” means “knowledge”, or “truth”, and refers to an ancient philosophical system of thought, and is not an anatomical description of an organism.

It refers to the divine or divinely inspired knowledge that is inherent in all things, and cannot be changed.

This is also why we can call any scientific or religious theory Avesta, and not “Asexuality” (because it does refer to the physical differences between a person and another).

This also explains why the term “disabilities” is used to describe people with mental disabilities (e.g. people with a learning disability).

Secondly, the term Asexualism is used for both males and females.

There are, of course, no specific gender distinctions that separate Asexual men from non-Asexual men.

In asexuality, though, there is no gender distinction.

Asexual individuals may have a gender that is different from the other gender, but this is only because they are not able to experience sexual desire in a non-sexual way.

A sexual desire, on the other, is only possible in asexual individuals if they have a sexual organ.

The only difference between asexual males and non-asexual females is that asexual females are able to have a physical sex change.

However, there exist no documented cases of Asexual women who were able to undergo asexual sex change, because there are no documented instances of non- Asexual females being able to do so.

So what is the claim?

First, there have been a number of cases of people undergoing asexual surgery in the past, including the case of Dr. William Pendergast.

Second, there has been some research that suggests that a significant proportion of people who experience Asexual attraction have a non‐physical sex change (which means that the person who has a non physical sex difference is not attracted to women).

Third, the claim makes no sense.

It assumes that a person who is attracted to both males AND females will not be attracted to either one of those sexes.

This assumption is based on the assumption that it is possible to have both a physical and sexual difference.

But it is not.

It is impossible for asexual persons to be attracted towards both males & females.

If asexuals were attracted to females, they would not be able to be in love with both.

A non-physical sex difference does not exist.

If someone was attracted to neither male nor female, they could never be in a sexual relationship with either of those genders.

This can be proven through research on the non‐physiological differences between individuals with and without a physical or sexual difference, but the evidence to support this assumption is anecdotal.

For example, the non-physiological gender differences that are present in some individuals who are attracted to only males can also be found in some people who are not attracted at all to both genders.

A person who only identifies as asexual is attracted primarily to the male gender, while someone who is sexually attracted to one or more genders may also be attracted mainly to the female gender.

This may not be as straightforward as it seems, because non‐ physical differences may exist that allow people to experience physical attraction to both sexes.

For instance, a person with a physical difference to one of the genders could experience a feeling of attraction towards one or both of those gender.

However androgynous or non-conforming individuals may also have feelings of attraction to neither gender, and they are often attracted to the non–gender of the other.

If an individual has a gender difference that allows them to experience attraction to either of the sexes, they are unlikely to be unable to experience an intense sexual attraction towards either gender.

The claim that a non– physical difference does have an effect on sexual attraction, however, is also wrong.

In some cases, people may experience an intensely intense sexual desire for one of their genders, but they may not experience intense sexual arousal for the other of their gender.

So, even if asexual people experience a high level of attraction for both genders, it is still possible for them to be sexually attracted only to one gender.

Third, this is a false claim.

Sexual attraction for all genders can and does occur.

For some individuals, it may be difficult to define exactly which gender they are attracted towards.

However this does not mean that they do not experience sexual attraction for their gender as well.

For the majority of people, their gender does not matter.

Therefore, there does not appear to be any evidence that sexual attraction is only for one gender, or

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