An endangered species: The Bloomering Cow

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The Blooms are the only mammals in this state to be endangered.

They have been the target of a campaign to end their existence by conservationists who argue that they are a prime example of what can happen when species are taken from their natural habitat and bred in captivity.

But what the public may not know is that the state is not alone in the United States in having a captive bred population of Blooming cows.

A large, and often untapped, source of food for the Bloomes is found in California, which has a thriving dairy industry that supplies Bloome calves with milk.

In recent years, the state has been making a concerted effort to stop the breeding of Bloat cows, even though there are no viable alternatives.

This year, California is planning to ban the sale of calves from its captive breeding program.

The law will take effect July 1, and it will require all dairy farms to sell all their Bloom calves.

The new law will also prevent breeders from breeding their cows in captivity for the first two years.

California’s dairy industry is worth about $7 billion annually, and the Bloat calves are the biggest source of milk for the state.

But there are still thousands of Blom calves in the state, and there is little demand for the animals in the market.

The dairy industry has also been able to keep the Bloomers from leaving California.

It is a cruel and cruel industry to the Blombs.

It can take years for the calves to reach maturity, so they are more vulnerable to disease and predators than other species.

California has the second-highest number of adult Blom animals in all of the United Sates, behind only Hawaii, and in recent years the number has grown to over 1,500,000.

This is a developing story.

Please check back for updates.

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