Starfish reproduction: ‘This is what happens when you have people who don’t have any ethics’

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A new documentary about starfish reproduction has revealed that it is “really difficult” for a new generation of people to make a decision about whether or not to try and become an embryo or fetus.

Starfish, a new documentary by American filmmaker Alexia Lasker, tells the story of three families who have spent a decade in an assisted reproduction facility.

The three families – the Laskers, the Joneses and the Jonesys – have all tried and failed to conceive.

In the film, the women are told that they have no choice but to have a baby, but that if they don’t, they will regret it forever.

“There’s a stigma,” says Laskar.

“They don’t think of this as the most selfish thing in the world.”

But in the process of trying to conceive, they have had to come to terms with a new reality: the decision is theirs.

The documentary was filmed in Arizona and New Mexico, but Laskam said she felt compelled to visit Arizona because she wanted to show people that they can do something they’ve always wanted to do, and not have to make any other decisions.

“If you don’t do something that you’ve always desired to do you’ll regret it for the rest of your life,” Laskak says.

“This is something that we’ve always been thinking about.

And now it’s happening.

It’s really difficult.”

But the filmmakers were initially sceptical.

“I was like, ‘How could they have done this?

Why would they have wanted to?’

It’s just a lot of bullshit,” Likar said.

“The reality is that it’s very difficult.

There are no guarantees.”

The three families had been living in an RV park in New Mexico for three years, but then, suddenly, one of the Jones family members decided that he was ready to take on the responsibility of motherhood.

“And we had been doing this for about three years,” Lassar said of the four women in the film.

Laskar had the idea to take the film to film festival screenings, but had no idea how to convince people to come see it. “

And then, Laskars husband, Andrew, passed away in 2015.

So she and her team travelled to Arizona, which was where Laskark had filmed the original documentary.””

When we first got in the car and started driving to these festivals, I thought, ‘OK, let’s do this’,” she said.

So she and her team travelled to Arizona, which was where Laskark had filmed the original documentary.

“I knew that the best way to get people to see this film was to do screenings, so we booked a screening at the Tucson Convention Center.

We rented a booth in the back of the room where they had the film for people to view,” Laska said.

The film was shown in front of an audience of about 1,500 people.

“So there was a huge crowd that day, and I was thinking, ‘Wow, it’s a lot bigger than I expected.'”

Lasker said that the screenings turned out to be the highlight of the film and were one of her proudest moments as a filmmaker.

“At the end of the day, we did about 30 screenings,” she said, adding that the film also got a lot more exposure than she had anticipated.

“It’s just crazy.”

Laskari was also keen to tell the story about the people who made it happen.

“You look at it and think, ‘Oh, it must be a very sad story,’ but you see a lot that makes it so special,” she says.

Lassar’s documentary is one of three films she’s making that are based on the real-life stories of the three women who were involved in the making of the Starfish project.

“All of the other stories are a lot different,” she explained.

“But it’s all true.


So the film is one that I hope will resonate with people.”


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