How to save a child from the flu?

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The flu is on the way out, and you might not want to be the first to get it.

So why not get a little help?

A new book on how to avoid getting sick from flu viruses that can cause severe pneumonia and severe complications, called Danko Reproductions: A Guide to Protecting Your Child, is being released today.

It’s the first book to feature the full spectrum of flu-related risks, from the extremely rare rare to the common to the lethal, and it’s being released by Dankoproductions, a company that helps parents deal with the flu and other flu related issues.

The company has also worked with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to put out Flu Trends, a guide to how the flu evolves in the United States and around the world.

Here are some of the highlights from Dankoi’s new book, which is available for free download through your favorite e-book store.


Never drink alcohol before or during a flu episode The book recommends limiting your alcohol consumption to two to three glasses of red wine a day, a pint of beer and a shot of liquor.

“In the United Kingdom, alcohol consumption is at a 20-year low,” said lead author Jessica C. Czajkowski, PhD, a researcher at the University of Washington’s Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics.

“That’s not something we can do in the U.S. because it’s too expensive to buy a bottle of wine in a grocery store.”


Drink no more than two glasses of wine a week The book says, “The majority of flu symptoms, including cough and sneezing, are due to alcohol.”

The recommended limit is two glasses a day.


Keep your flu kit in your purse The book states, “It’s not necessary to bring your own kit for flu protection.”

But it does say, “If you are planning to travel and are planning on traveling with others who have flu, consider purchasing a flu vaccine kit from your local pharmacy.”


Get a personal physician to check your respiratory system If you’re experiencing a fever, cough or sore throat, talk to your personal physician before traveling, the book says.

The book notes that in some cases, a personal doctor may recommend you take a blood test to see if you have a flu virus infection.


Avoid eating out with people with flu-like symptoms If you get sick while eating out, take extra care not to eat the food you’re eating.

You could get sick and then pass the flu on to others who aren’t sick.


Wear a mask while in public If you have to wear a mask, use a long-sleeve, high-back mask.

Avoid wearing a mask if you are in a crowded place.


Avoid using masks during public transport If you are on a public transit system, wear a face mask when walking, standing, or sitting.


Use hand sanitizer when cleaning your hands and wipe your hands frequently if you become sick, the manual advises.


Never wash your hands with soap or water.

The manual says, “…it is possible that someone who is not sick with flu may already have an infection that needs to be treated.”


Keep an eye out for other passengers in crowded places The manual notes, “There is a risk of someone becoming ill if they are in close proximity to a person with a respiratory illness who has a fever and cough.”


Wash your hands after eating, drinking or using a restroom If you feel sick while you’re in public, make sure to wash your mouth and throat.

It can also help to use soap and water.


Keep a cool head and wear a scarf or a hat When you’re traveling, be mindful of where you are and where others are traveling and be mindful that others are likely to have other symptoms.


Avoid getting in close contact with others if you’re ill If you see others with symptoms, stay away from them until they recover, the Dankoplos book advises.


Wear gloves and contact lens protection When traveling, wear disposable contact lenses.

Avoid touching other people who are ill or have other respiratory or cardiovascular problems.


Never take a drug if you think you might be ill Take precautions when taking a drug such as fluoxetine, fluvoxamine or the like.

The Dankodrops also says it’s important to ask your healthcare provider about the safety of certain medications.


Know how to protect your child from infections While you’re at it, remember to wash hands and eyes after handling contaminated surfaces and clothing.

The text of the book also suggests that you check your clothing and personal belongings before you leave the house, even if you don’t think you need to. 17.

Get vaccinated before you get out of the house The book also recommends vaccinating your children, young siblings and

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