What asexuality means to us

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What does asexualism mean to us?

 It means that you have no sexual feelings.

 Asexuality can be a sexual orientation or not.

The term can be confusing and confusing, because different definitions exist for different sexual orientations.

It’s important to note that asexual means that there are no sexual desires.

This is a term that is often used by the LGBTQIA community, who have been fighting to be included in the LGBTQI+ community since the 1970s.

What do asexual people have to say about gender?

As asexuals, we feel that the only gender we’re able to identify with is female, so we do not identify as male or female.

We also do not think of ourselves as being in a relationship with a partner.

However, we do identify as genderqueer and gender non-conforming.

In asexual communities, we are often referred to as gender nonconforming because we identify as asexual.

Many asexual and genderqueers have experienced sexual harassment, sexual violence, and physical and emotional abuse in our communities.

We are also at risk of being rejected by our own family and friends for our sexual orientation and gender identity. 

How are people diagnosed with asexual identity?

Asexuals are diagnosed with their sexual orientation by two medical experts.

There are three main types of asexual diagnoses.

These are: 1) Asperger’s syndrome, which is a condition in which a person does not identify with their sex or their gender identity, and does not experience the gender-related issues associated with being a male or a female.

 2) Gender Identity Disorder, which refers to a person who identifies with a different gender identity than their biological sex.

3) Gender dysphoria, which describes a person whose sexual orientation does not match their gender identities.

Each diagnosis has different criteria.

For example, asperger syndrome is a diagnosis for people who are overly sensitive to social cues.

Gender Identity Disorder is a mental health diagnosis that includes people who identify as transgender or gender nonbinary.

A non-binary person is someone who is neither male nor female.

Gender dysphoric people can be people who feel they are neither male or male. 

Is it okay to be asexual in the workplace?

In Canada, the legal definition of sexual orientation is that you are attracted to or attracted to someone of the same sex.

There are no specific laws that specify that being asexual is okay in the workforce.

Some employers may be okay with being in the business of hiring people, and may not have to have an orientation policy for employees, but others may not.

In the workplace, the workplace should not be a place of exclusion for asexual individuals.

Is there a specific way to tell if I am asexual?


Asexuality is not something you have to explain to someone.

You can find asexual-identified people at LGBT events, in your community, online, in the media, and in the church.

How can I get help with a sexual health issue?

The first step in any sexual health care process is to seek professional help.

Anxiety and depression are common triggers for a person experiencing a sexual attraction to another person.

It’s important that you seek professional mental health help if you have any concerns about your health or wellbeing.

If you have concerns about being a sexually active person or if you think you may be at risk for experiencing asexual sexual attraction, seek the help of a therapist who is familiar with a person’s sexual identity.

I am an asexual, and I have a relationship, but I don’t want a sexual relationship.

Whether you are asexual or not, the more you are open about your sexuality, the better chance you have of being able to navigate your relationships.

Being asexual can be challenging for many people.

It can also be frustrating, as it can be difficult to make choices and be who you want to be.

When it comes to sexual orientation, I think that we should all be able to live our lives the way that we choose.

Do I need a doctor’s note if I have concerns?


It is important to seek medical advice if you are concerned about your sexual orientation.

As well, it is important for you to talk with your doctor about any other issues that may be interfering with your ability to have a healthy sexual relationship with someone.

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