How doctors at a women’s reproductive health clinic in New Jersey are trying to change the conversation about the state’s abortion laws

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A New Jersey clinic where a clinic employee has been accused of sexually abusing a male patient is appealing to women to speak up about their own abortions, according to the state health department.

“I think women deserve to know if their doctors are doing this to them,” said Dr. James A. Schaffer, president of the Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance, which represents the New Jersey Physicians for Reproductive Choice (PRC) and the New York State Health Department.

“I want women to know that we are not alone.

We are not the only ones.”

In October, a doctor who had been practicing at the clinic was charged with aggravated sexual assault and sentenced to four years in prison after an investigation by the New Brunswick County Prosecutor’s Office.

In the past, the clinic’s president, Dr. Jeffrey A. Hickey, had been charged with sexual assault for touching a woman in his office, and the clinic denied he had done it, according a criminal complaint filed by prosecutors.

The woman, identified in the criminal complaint as “Jane Doe,” was a patient at the Clinic of the New Century in Sincera, New Jersey, where Schaffer is the medical director.

She told investigators that Hickey “repeatedly touched her buttocks and genitals and made comments about her body,” according to a criminal charge against him.

The woman told investigators she told Hickey to stop touching her, but he continued.

Hickey was fired from the clinic in January, and a judge sentenced him to two years of probation, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported.

In a letter to the New England Abortion Coalition, Hickey’s lawyer wrote that the clinic had not been notified of the charges against the doctor.

The letter did not address the alleged sexual assault allegations.

Hickey has also faced accusations from women at other clinics.

The New York Times reported that a doctor at the New Women’s Health Clinic in the Bronx, Dr., Dr. Paul B. Pangilinan, was accused in December 2015 of touching women inappropriately, and of having an affair with one of the women he treated.

The clinic was ordered by the state to close in July, after two women filed a lawsuit alleging that the doctor had sexually abused them while he was working there.

At least one of those women, identified only as “Lillian,” told the Times that the facility’s director “had asked me to be his assistant and that he wanted to continue to have sex with me even though I had told him I was no longer interested.”

The clinic’s director told the newspaper that Pangilain had been fired from his position in 2015.

The Times said that Pongilain was fired in April, and another woman who worked there told the paper that the director had made a “serious mistake” and had resigned.

The attorney representing Pangillain did not respond to requests for comment.

A spokesperson for the New New Women of New York told the Associated Press that he resigned after the investigation into his behavior came to light.

In October 2016, a clinic in Saugerties, New York, where a woman says a doctor forced her to have an abortion, was fined $20,000 by the city of Newburgh after the director was accused of molesting a female patient, according the Newburgh News.

The director, Drs.

David R. Pimentel and Michael M. Pimental, resigned their posts in February 2017.

In a statement to the Journal, the state attorney general’s office said that it found evidence that “at least one patient” had been sexually assaulted by Pimentels.

“The investigation determined that one of Dr. Piments medical licensees had inappropriately touched and/or fondled patients without their consent, and that a physician had sexually assaulted at least one other patient,” the statement said.

“The investigation also determined that Dr. M.

Pimental had made derogatory remarks about patients in his presence and/of a sexual nature.”

This case was closed as of the date of this letter.

The State Attorney General’s Office is still investigating the allegations.

“The statement did not name any patients who were the victims of sexual assault or any clinic employees who were accused of sexual misconduct.”

We understand that our efforts to support the well-being of our patients are a personal responsibility, but we cannot support the criminal behavior of those who abuse their positions of authority and power by violating our patients’ rights,” the clinic said in a statement.

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