How to protect yourself against STDs and infections with the new Zika virus vaccine

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The United States has a Zika outbreak and is battling a new Zika infection.

We’re also having a Zika pandemic, which has spread to over 20 countries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In addition, there are also new cases of the Zika virus in the US and elsewhere.

What can you do to protect your body from Zika?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the virus and its symptoms.


Wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the toilet.

You can use soap or alcohol to get rid of soap residue from your hands and genitals.


Use gloves and goggles when you bathe.

They help prevent transmission of Zika virus to others.


Take a full day to recover from symptoms.

The virus can cause mild fever, chills, and mild muscle aches, but it can also cause more serious complications such as a serious infection of the nervous system, liver, kidneys, or lungs.


Avoid sex while you are in the heat and hot.

If you’re experiencing mild symptoms and you’re not having sex, try to avoid getting naked or exposing your genitals in public.


Avoid getting into water or sitting in it.

Wear a mask if you’re sweating heavily or are in a hot area.


Avoid contact with others if you are infected.

If your partner has been infected with Zika, talk to them.


Avoid sexual activity if you have a high fever or other symptoms.


Use condoms if you or someone you are with is pregnant.


Drink plenty of fluids and avoid sweating.


Keep your immune system healthy.

It will be difficult for you to fully recover from Zika if you get infected and your immune systems aren’t functioning well.

You’ll likely be able to go back to normal if you recover fully from Zika, but this process will take a while.

Here are a few ways you can help keep your body healthy while you’re dealing with Zika.

1 .


If Zika is spreading rapidly, it can affect you more than usual.

Get enough exercise to prevent dehydration.

This can help protect your immune response.

If it doesn’t, your body may try to fight back against the virus by boosting its own immune response to fight it.

The CDC has some helpful tips for doing this.

2 .

Eat healthy.

Healthy meals and snacks are good ways to get plenty of vitamin B12 and vitamin D. If these aren’t available, they can be found in your health care provider’s office or food pantry.

3 .

Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

These can interfere with the immune system, which can cause problems with your immune function.

4 .

Keep your body hydrated.

If the Zika is causing you symptoms, try not to drink alcohol or use caffeinated drinks.

5 .

Drink lots of water.

Make sure you get enough fluids and exercise to help prevent dehydration, which may result in an infection.

6 .

Keep the sun out.

If mosquitoes are getting into your home and are breeding, keep the sun off.

This will help protect you from Zika virus and protect your health.

7 .

Avoid wearing masks.

If they’re necessary, masks will help you get out of bed safely.

8 .

Take a flu shot.

This shot helps protect your brain and helps keep your immune and respiratory systems healthy.

9 .

Avoid touching the face or hands of others who are pregnant.

They can spread Zika virus.

10 .

Wear a face mask when you shower or wash your hands.

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